Bonefishing, Eleuthera

Bonefishing, Eleuthera

Bonefishing, Eleuthera

We mainly wade the shallow flats, sight-casting flies to bonefish of up to 8lb (and occasionally bigger) in warm crystal clear water, often less than 12 inches deep.

You don’t have to be an expert fly fisher but you should be a reasonably competent caster. If you can deliver a fly quickly and accurately 50 feet into the wind to a cruising fish, while standing up to your knees in water, you will definitely catch more bonefish!

Often referred to as ‘The Grey Ghosts of The Flats’, bonefish are masters of disguise and virtually invisible in water. This is partly because their mirror-like scales reflect the bottom. Look for their shadows on the sand if the sun is out, or their tails breaking the surface as they feed in shallow water (‘tailing’) or clouds of mud thrown up (‘mudding’).

They are almost constantly on the move, and frequently change direction, pausing only to root out some tasty morsel. Always be prepared to cast immediately to a fish without taking your eyes off it for a second. Bonefish will often appear out of nowhere and disappear in the blink of an eye. Small and medium size fish often feed in schools of up to thirty fish or more, but larger specimens usually feed singly or in ‘pods’ of up to four fish and are sometimes confused with barracuda. However, if the bonefish you’re looking at isn’t moving, it probably isn’t a bonefish!

Other species you can throw a fly to include barracuda, pompano and jacks.

All bonefishing is strictly catch & release and we insist that you only use barb-less or de-barbed flies/hooks.

During our last 9 trips all but one of our anglers caught bonefish on fly, even though some had very little fly fishing experience. On average we catch around 100 bonefish per trip, mostly in the size range of 2lb to 4lb best fish 8lb.


Rainbow Inn, P.O. Box EL25053, Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Phone: 242-335-0294

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