Companions Tackle & Baits, Criccieth

Companions Tackle & Baits, Criccieth, N.Wales

Companions Tackle & Baits, Criccieth, N.Wales

I have a Tackle/Pet Food shop on the high street in Criccieth N.Wales and I am one of the two directors of Eisteddfa Coarse Fishery Ltd. It’s an area with plenty of different variety of fishing, spectacular scenery and beautiful beaches. I am here to help anglers with any queries on fishing and accommodation as well as providing a service as a tackle dealer.

AMMO FROZEN SEA BAITS: (throughout the year) Mackerel, Sandeels, Squid, Slipper Limpets, Mussels, Razor Fish, Lamprey, Black Lug, Soft Crab, Peeler Crab, Local Sandeel

FRESH SEA BAIT (SEASONAL ONLY): Peeler Crab, Soft Crab, Rag, Lug

TROUT BAITS: Earth Worms, Trout Pellets, Berkley Trout Power Baits, Mistral Trout Pastes, Maggots, Sweetcorn

COARSE FISHING BAITS: The only Tackle Shop in the area supplying a large selection of Coarse baits and tackle inluding: Maggots, Worms, Hemp, Sweetcorn, Trout Pellets, Carp pellets, Carp pastes, Boilies, Pop-ups, Beanie Pellets, Boilie/bait Boosters, Luncheon Meat, Specimen Flying Carpet Mix, Super Carp Net Buster (with salmon fry crumb), Bread Feed, Dog Biscuits, Ground Bait

TACKLE: The only supplier of Coarse Fishing Tackle in the Area including Beach casters, Boat Rods, spinning rods, Bass Rods, Fly rods, Match rods, Carp rods , Whips and Poles of various sizes. A good selection of spinners/plugs, bass flies, Mackerel Traces.

Griffin Rigs on sale include: Bass rig, Shore Black Bream rigs, Boat Black Bream rigs, Long Range rigs, Whiting rigs, Cod pennel rigs, Match rigs, Boat rigs, Flattie rigs, Pulley rigs.

Leads: bombs, gripers, Bo Pedos, Non Toxic leads, Shot, Sea bullets

Sea reels, coarse reels , spinning reels, fly reels and multipliers.

Lines and leaders: Drennan, Kamasan, Amnesia, Fluromax, Ghost line, Shock leaders

Floats: Wagglers, Pike floats, Carp missiles, Bubble

Bait boxes/ maggot. Live Sandeel bait boxes inc aerator. Trout fishing bags. Seat boxes. Landing nets. Pan nets and handles. Keep nets

CLOTHING: Fisherman’s smocks (with fish and fisherman logo), Chest Waders, Thigh Waders, All Weather Floatation Suits

KNIVES & TOOLS: Filleting Knifes, Pocket Knifes, Multi tool disgorger pliers, Disgorgers, Crimping Tool, Scissors

Sea – Coarse – Game Hooks. Kamasan. Mustad. Pro Fish. Carp Hair Rigs. Boilie Needles. Carp Mats. Carp Slings. Carp Mixing Bowls. Carp/Match Fishing Bags. Carp Rod Holders. Matchpoint hook to nylon. Barbless and barbed.


Companions Pets, Tackle & Baits Shop
48a High Street, Criccieth. North Wales
Tel: 01766 522805 or 07736688660

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