Fish in Kona

Fishing in Kona with Captain Jeff

Fishing in Kona with Captain Jeff

Hawaii is one of the worlds top deep sea fishing destinations and it’s the geography of the Big island that makes Kona Hawaii the sportfishing capital of the Pacific.

Five huge mountain masses protect the Kona coast from the winds resulting in sea conditions that are usually as calm as a lake. The steep slope of the ocean bottom on the Kona coast puts the deep sea sportfishing within a short distance from the shoreline.

Six species of billfish roam the Kona coast along with six species of tuna, Mahi Mahi (Dorado), Ono (Wahoo), several species of Shark and a wide variety of big-game bottom fish. With so many kinds of fish and fishing styles available there’s little excuse for not catching fish.

* Trolling * Bottom Fishing * Fly Fishing * Casting * Jigging

Kona Hawaii fishing with Capt. Jeff Rogers – the top sportfish catching captain in Kona five years in a row!

CALL: (808) 895-1852

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