Savannah Sound, Eleuthera

Bonefishing at Savannah Sound, Eleuthera

Bonefishing at Savannah Sound, Eleuthera

Savannah Sound is a gorgeous place for bone fishing. Right in front of Savannah Sound is Windermere Island where Prince Charles and Princess Diana honeymooned!

One of the few large bonefish flats in protected ‘sounds’ Ocean-side. Best fished when the wind is from the South or West and the ‘Sea-Side’ is too rough.

Aim to start fishing at, or soon after, low tide.

Tides occur about two hours earlier Ocean-side, so you can win extra fishing time by starting on the Ocean-side around low water and switching to the Sea-side two or three hours later.

Waters around Eleuthera are usually crystal clear but you shouldn’t need to use ultra-light tackle as the fish are generally not under much pressure from other anglers (yet!).

You’ll probably be fishing in depths of around two feet or less, so a leader of 10 to 12 feet should be enough to present the fly nicely on the bottom

Tippets of about 8 pound test are OK for sandy bottoms, and 10 or 12 pound test for rocks or mangrove.

Bonefish have exceptionally good eyesight and hearing so there is no need for large or flashy flies, except perhaps in low light conditions. Flashy flies can also attract small barracuda which will bite your fly off.

Once hooked, bonefish do not leap or run for cover but rely instead on their amazing speed and strength to evade capture. They will make several very fast (25 mph) runs, each of up to 50 or even 100 yards! Therefore, you’ll need to recover as much line as possible between each run or you’ll soon be holding an empty reel! But, unless you’re fishing near mangrove or other hazards, the odds are that you’ll win in the end.

Often while casting for bonefish you will get strikes from other species such as needle-fish and small barracuda which have razor-sharp teeth. Sometimes they will slash at the fly line or leader knot. If this happens, check the leader for abrasion, even if the fly wasn’t bitten off.

Playing a bonefish will occasionally attract the attentions of sharks or large barracuda. If you see one approach, immediately lower your rod and tighten your line until the tippet breaks. By doing this, you will give the bonefish a sporting chance of out-running the predator, which it would not otherwise have.


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