The Reel Girls

The Reel Girls, Broome, Western Australia

The Reel Girls, Broome, Western Australia

The Reel Girls is an all-female angling team that formed in 1999 (originally called Fish’n’Chicks) for the annual Sailfish Tournament in Broome Western Australia.

So…Who are the REEL GIRLS?

Tracey Rushford
Tracey Rushford of the Reel Girls team is no game-fishing boat ornament posing for the occasional action shot. Tracey is no stereotype of fickle ideas glued together as a glamorous appendage to a serious tournament. Dedication and vitality are the two words which most readily sum up Tracey’s attitude to angling among serious sports enthusiasts.

Jenifer Lerch
Jeni Lerch is a powerfully motivated member of the Reel Girls team. Her determination to live life to the fullest provides her with more energy than seems possible for a physically light-framed woman. Jeni’s success as an angler can be gauged by the number of trophies she has been awarded, but it can also be gauged by the healthy lifestyle she has chosen in order to pursue her favorite sport. Best choice of values, simple choices available to almost all Australians, are manifest in Jeni’s tireless energy, magnetic personality and good humour.

Sara Hennessey
Boredom is a word that seems to be missing from the vocabulary of Sara Hennessey. Once on the water, and taking part in a tournament, Sara’s killer instinct takes over. It’s win or die for this competitor, and all’s fair in love, war and competitions. Sara is no idle spectator content to watch the fellas win, she always gives them the best run for their money. Her physical fitness and concentration span allows that run to be formidable, and she is a great asset to the team in every tournament.

Deb Foster
Deb Foster joined the REEL GIRLS (then called Fish’n’Chicks) for the Broome 2001 Billfish tournament. One day in July 2001 Deb was fishing with some mates catching salmon when they mentioned that the girls team were looking for someone to fish with them in the Broome Billfish Classic. She couldn’t believe her luck and contacted Tracey immediately. This was the beginning of her real interest in fishing and she is now a totally hooked blue water angler. Deb says she has heaps to learn but they don’t come much keener.

Lisa Wantuch
Lisa Wantuch lives mostly on the East Coast Australia. Half her time is spent working in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the fishing industry as part of a crew spending weeks at a time confined to a vessel. Lisa joined the REEL GIRLS during the Toyota Sportivo 2001 Interclub Tournament in Port Stephens. Lisa met up with Jeni in South West Rocks in January 2001 during a film shoot with Dreampool productions for the Rex Hunt fishing program.

Through events and the uniqueness of their successful all-female team the girls hope to promote fishing in some of the following areas:-

  • Use their notoriety as an all female team to attract men, women and children to participate in the healthy sport of fishing, a sport that almost anyone can do, which takes them outdoors and promotes a healthy lifestyle and is also lots of fun!
  • Increase the awareness of the Tag and Release program for the sport of game fishing.
  • Promote the preservation of fish stocks in our waters through catch and release.
  • Educate anglers on the correct procedures for tagging and releasing fish.
  • Encourage people around the world to consider Australia and for their next fishing adventure.

So there you have it! In fact you just might see us fishing in your home town soon. If your home town happens to be in Mexico or Japan, maybe you’ll see us there in your local tournaments.

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