Anglers Adventuras, Tierra del Fuego

Anglers Adventuras, Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

Anglers Adventuras, Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

Rio Grande, Capital Nacional de la Pesca Deportiva de Truchas, Fish the famous sea run brown trout!

Fishing the Rio Grande through Estancia Maria Behety and lodging in town.

The Rio Grande has, with no doubts, the real best fly fishing for the sea run browns in the world! You can check it out with the International Game Fish Associations World Record Book (I.G.F.A) or with our Weekly Fishing Report.

You will find out that there are recorded brown trout of more than 13 kilos! We know that browns of 15 kilos have been caught on our river, so why do not give them a try? (Catch & Release only, please).

This program is set up for six full days of fishing on the Ro Grande on the Estancia Mara Behety section and seven days lodging in town at the Posada de los Sauces or similar hotel.

The fishing week starts on Sundays and finishes on Fridays. Saturdays are transfer days.

The lodging is based upon double occupancy in rooms with private bathrooms, continental breakfast, dinner menu ‘a la carte’, at the Posada de los Sauces, in town. Lunch and ‘siesta’ by the river in our new private cabin.

Anglers Aventuras S.R.L.
Rosales 644
(9420) Rio Grande
Tierra del Fuego

phone/fax:: +54-2964-42-3341

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