CREEDY LAKES, Crediton, Devon


Creedy Lakes, Devon

Creedy Lakes, Devon

Creedy Lakes are set amid 14 acres of established estate woodland, lying in a natural clay basin along the Creedy valley. The idyllic surroundings are rich in fauna and flora with many small birds brave enough to sit on your rods and eat from your hand, you may even spot the darting kingfisher or a stray roaming deer, or watch the busy squirrels, whilst relaxing in this beautiful setting.

Once belonging to Creedy Park mansion, the spring fed lakes provided pleasure and sport for the gentry, owned by the Davie family for several generations including Sir John Davie who was three times mayor of Exeter and who took the kingfisher for his family crest. Eventually in 1976 the lakes were sold and are now owned and managed by the Turner family.

Most of the swims are pathed, all are level and screened to provide some privacy. The nearest swim is approximately 20yds from the car park and toilets with several swims being accessible for wheelchairs. Access by car for disabled anglers is strictly by arrangement. Assistance is gladly available for those who require it, please do not hesitate to telephone and ask.

The waters are rated as moderate fishing (By the BK Guide) and aim to provide good sport for the serious and specimen angler and also cater for the pleasure angler.

The main water contains the larger specimens covering 4.5 acres with both central and corner islands with water depths ranging from 3ft in the shallows to 12ft at the weir adjacent to the old boathouse. The prolific stock consists predominantly of common carp to 29lbs 4ozs (May 1997), mirror carp to 24lbs 14ozs, koi carp to 18lbs 3ozs and tench to 7lbs 8ozs.

The second water is half an acre and well stocked with carp to 14lbs and tench to 5lbs with water depths between 3ft and 5ft, providing good action for the less experienced angler.

Popular methods include fishing boilie over mixed beds of particles and pellets, PVA stringers and bags, the method and not forgetting the traditional baits, maggot, luncheon meat, sweetcorn and bread. Local home-made boillies and tinned baits are for sale on site.

The lakes are open from March through to early January

We hope you have an enjoyable time fishing at Creedy Lakes …. and remember ….

‘A bad day’s fishing beats a good day working’

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