Golden West Women Flyfishers, San Francisco

Golden West Women Flyfishers, San Francisco

Golden West Women Flyfishers, San Francisco

Welcome to the Golden West Women Flyfishers, the most exciting club in San Francisco!

We started out in 1983 as two friends getting together to start a club, and now we have about 150 women who meet and FLY FISH.

On the second Tuesday of every other month (except for June, July and August), we meet to exchange fishing stories and ideas, and to learn from one another and experts who are invited to do programs and spend a very social and convivial evening.

We have fishing outings, several a month during the fishing season.

We have conservation projects, the most important being the urban in-school aquatic program which has hundreds of children very excited about cleaning up a stream and incubating and raising native trout and other sensitive riparian and aquatic species. They then release them into the streams they have adopted.

And we have a bi-yearly fundraiser to finance all the projects we are involved in.

Some of our members are complete beginners and learn from our more experienced members. We have a good time together and have made friendships which are going strong after many years.

Golden West outings are the heart and soul of our club.

We take off for spots all over Northern California on a dozen or so trips a year that range from a day to a week, from float tubing lakes to boating spring creeks to horse packing small streams to tackling blue ribbon trout rivers like the Pit, the Trinity or the Truckee. Most trips are over weekends, when we’ll stay in cabins or motels, but camping is often arranged. Occasionally we plan a more far-flung trip, to Oregon or Montana, or even further afield like Belize or Alaska.

When it comes to preserving a healthy environment, GWWF is committed to action.

We monitor environmental legislation, bombard decision makers with our position, and volunteer to put our muscle where our mouth is to participate in cleanup projects

If you are a woman in the San Francisco Bay Area who is interested in flyfishing, come join the Golden West Women Flyfishers (GWWF)!

As founder and current President of the GWWF, I personally invite you to become one of us.

Golden West Women Flyfishers
790 27th Av
San Francisco
CA 94121

Tel. (415) 752-0192

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