HEDLEY’S TROUT FARM, Belgrave, Ontario

Hedleys Trout Farm, Belgrave, Ontario

Hedleys Trout Farm, Belgrave, Ontario

Rainbow Trout Hatchery and Fish-Out Pond (Hedley’s Trout Farm) is located in the heartland of Ontario’s West Coast. It is nestled in the rolling hills of the Wawanosh Valley, Huron County, midway between the towns of Wingham and the Lake Huron port of Goderich. The area is blessed with rich flora and scenery. The Maitland, Nine Mile, Bayfield Rivers and their cold water tributary make for some of this area’s renowned fishing.

As our name implies, we are both a hatchery (hatching and grow-out) and an operator of a public fee fishing pond.

Our deep overflowing pond is fed by cold underground pure spring water. Because the pond is spring fed and quite deep, the water remains cool all summer. Cool water allows trout to thrive. The pond is restocked many times a year with trout selected from our hatchery.

Most are rainbow trout 12″ to 30″ (1 to 10 lb.). Brook Trout (Brook Char) and Brown are also stocked as they become available

We have installed an air bubbler to keep the water from freezing in the Winter. Therefore, we are basically open 365 days of year for your fishing enjoyment

We endeavour to remain open all day on weekends and most weekdays. However, we may close around 2:00 PM in midsummer. Trout bite best early in the day and are not very active on those bright hot afternoons when the sun is shining directly down onto the pond. ‘Good beach days are poor trout fishing days.’ A telephone call may be in order to confirm conditions.

Everything you need, beside your rod, reel and bait is provided free (hooks, landing nets, hook extractors and pails).

Fly fishermen are most welcome and an area is set aside for their fishing.


2 comments to HEDLEY’S TROUT FARM, Belgrave, Ontario

  • Gord Galbraith

    Hello folks. I would like to bring my class of special needs children to your facility sometime in the very near future. There would be about 22 students and 10 staff. We’re from the Elma Township Public School. Kindly get back to me as to what day would work best for you, preferably a Friday. Thanks. Gord Galbraith

  • Jim Ballantyne

    do you have any openings for next Saturday, the 3rd. we are coming from St.Marys.

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