Icha River Tour, Kamchatka

Icha River Tour, Kamchatkya

Icha River Tour, Kamchatkya

A remote and very beautiful, clear flowing, fair-sized river that flows off the slopes of the immense Ichinskaya Volcano in western Kamchatka.

Access to upper river forks by helicopter from town of Esso, skirting the immense and impressive, snow-capped volcano. Put-in on any one of three swift forks, to float quickly through the mountains on this very scenic river. Good fishing for salmon (lots of chums, sockeye and pink, some coho and maybe Masu?). Excellent fishing for big rainbow trout and charr (mostly dollies and some Kundzha. Lots of wildlife-bears, ducks and eagles.

Can be flyfished for much of its length, but intermittent large deep pools from mid-section down would best be probed with spinning gear.

This river fishes best in August and September.

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