Magallanes Flyfishing, Tierra del Fuego

Magallanes Flyfishing, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia

Magallanes Flyfishing, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia

Magallanes Fly Fishing offers in Tierra del Fuego, Chile, the best brown and sea trout fishing in Chilean Patagonia. Rafael González, one of the most experienced local guides and new Cameron Lodge, invites you to fish these fabulous waters, with more than forty kilometres of river to your disposal.

The Rio Grande is the largest river on the Tierra del Fuego island and is well known for its huge sea trout and the solitude of the countryside.

Our Lodge is the Estancia, Cameron’s recently refurbished administration house, built on a high cliff, with a great view over the Darwin Range and less than one hundred yards from the Río Grande. This Estancia has about fifty kilometers of frontage on the north side of the Río Grande (all the way down stream to the Argentinean border)

You will especially enjoy the solitude of having this splendid fishery to yourself with the chance of fishing yet unnamed pools where few outsiders have ever cast a fly

It’s an excellent river for flyfishing, sometimes more challenging and rewarding than downstream in Argentina, due to the different techniques and finesse that have to be employed. The water is much clearer, and maintains it’s clarity, even in higher flows. The fishing is also rewarding because there’s always action.

In this section of the river sea run browns average ten pounds, with monsters up to eighteen/twenty pounds. On occasion we’ll even land really huge fish, well over twelve kilos (twenty six pounds)!!! Unlike the lower Argentinean section of the river, there are also resident river browns up to the six pound class, beautifully coloured fish that readily take our flies.

In addition, anglers will find some healthy, “chromer” lake run browns, with the shape of a rugby ball, that enter the river from the Blanco lake for our enjoyment. And, completing the ‘Grand Slam’, there are rainbows too! You will see them some meters from you, down stream, feeding on the aquatic insects you kick up from the bottom of the river. It’s something to be seen!!!

The fishing season on the Río Grande runs from October through April. In November and December the fishing is very good, but the peak months are January, February, March and April.

Fax: (54) 2964-42-3341

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