Malkinskaya-Bystraya River Tour, Kamchatka

Malkinskaya-Bystraya River Fishing Tours, Vulkan Tours, Kamchatka

Malkinskaya-Bystraya River Fishing Tours, Vulkan Tours, Kamchatka

Malkinskaya-Bystraya River Fishing Tours  in Kamchatka with Vulkan Tours

Season: July – October.

Group size is 5-10 guests.

Although the river is very popular among the locals, it is still full of surprises and great adventures. The majestic mountains of the Seredinny Range, the rapids, which are safe and enjoyable even for beginners, channels and small islands covered with luxuriant vegetation, the virgin fauna, that’s what you are going to admire most as you float through the Kamchatka Paradise.

On the river there are many deep bottom pockets where Salmon rest on their way to their ancestrial spawning grounds, many shoals where it is so easy to catch the Char craving for your spoon bait or fly. And of course the queen of the Kamchatka fishing – Rainbow Trout, the biggest samples of which can be caught and found only in Kamchatka, is waiting for you here.

If you are fond of boat trips, the Malkinskaya River will surely be an adventure that will not leave you disappointed. The picturesque river, as well as the intimate atmosphere around the camp fire and the friendly support of our dedicated guides will make your impressions of Kamchatka unforgettable.

The Tour Program

Day 1. Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Checking in a hotel.

Days 2-7. By bus to the river. Fishing and rafting on inflatable rafts. Visiting hot mineral springs.

Day 8. Return to town. Hotel accommodation. Banquet.

Day 9. Departure from Kamchatka.

Services Provided

  • meeting and seeing off at the airport;
  • hotel rooms reservations, camping on the river;
  • meals in town and in the wilderness;
  • ground and water transportation;
  • guides, interpreter, cook;
  • camp equipment;
  • licenses and permits.

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