RIVER ARMU, Primorye

River Armu

River Armu

For serious anglers who wish to escape from civilization Lucky Tour has designed a trout and grayling fishing tour on the Armu, a river that runs through an ecologically clean area of Primorye, the Maritime Province of the Russian Far East.

The river runs at 2.5-4.5 miles per hour into the Bolshaya Ussurka river, which itself flows into the Ussuri river, a tributary of the great Armu river, (10th longest in the world), which eventually flows into the Tatar Channel. Our Armu river is about 7 ft deep, and over 250 ft across at the mouth.The water is crystal pure, guaranteed by the presence of numerous stone-flies which only live in pure water. (Local black stone-flies thrive in the Armu and grow enromous to almost 1,5 inches long!!!)

In addition to the two species of trout and one of grayling in the Armu river, the prize fish is the famed (Hucho Taimen ‘Master of Siberian rivers’) which can weigh in at 150 pounds and measure over six feet long. These Goliaths are scarce; but the more usual 30 pound taimen will still give you a good fight. Note that most taimen have to be released.

All spinning and fly-fishing techniques are suitable but remember that you will be fishing in fast flowing streams of the Armu and the Bolshaya Ussurka. Shallow water and bank fishing from small river islands will be the usual pattern, but our fishing tour will also include drift-boat fishing and boat fishing in the quieter reaches of the rivers. Heavily wooded banks make it almost impossible to fish from the river bank.

We offer you a unique local fishing technique which is called ‘mouse’ fishing. At night, mice, squirrels and other mouse-like small animals become active and often fall down from the bank and riverside trees into the water. While these small animals can swim in the water, they often become prey to the trout. ‘Mouse’ fishing, simulating this habitual night-time activity, is spin fishing with a foldable mouse-plug. ‘Mouse’ fishing is a common local technique to catch the Taimen and is also a very effective method to hook the angler’s heart.

Fishing season:

Open water trout and grayling fishing is available between the last week of March and the first week of November, with a three-week break in May during the spawning season. Mosquitoes and other bloodsucking flying insects are numerous between July and 15th of August, and nearly absent before June and after 15th September. The golden season for fishing and exploring the Taiga lasts between mid-September and early November, when the river closes for the winter.

We take great pride in our specialty tours and do everything to ensure satisfaction and complete safety for visitors

Our guides will make sure you have an enjoyable experience to remember.


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