The Boathouse, Whitley Bay

The Boathouse, Whitley Bay

The Boathouse, Whitley Bay

The Boathouse is located at the bottom of the slope at the Pitch and Putt golf course on Whitley Bay sea front. Park in the small car park and go to the bottom of the slope.

A hundred yard cast puts you into the fish, but this mark is notorious for fishing on a big Easterly sea. Fish last 2 hours of the flood and the first 2 hours of the ebb.

Once the tide has dropped, about a hundred yards to the left of the Boathouse is a low water mark called Skitters Skeer.  This mark is only visible at low water and only accessible on very big tides. It’s a small rocky skeer/island which requires some wading about an hour before low water. It is fished on really big Easterly seas, but is a highly productive mark. It is very small so only half a dozen anglers can fish it.

Best baits are worm, crab and mussel. A very short lob is the order of the day-no more than 60 yards puts you into the fish and the bites are usually unmistakable. Do not attempt to fish this mark on the flood after low water. After low water you must get back onto the safety of the beach.

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