Waitaki Valley Lakes, NZ

Waitiki Lakes

Waitaki Lakes

The Waitaki Valley is the Gateway to the Central South Island Region, with its main geographical feature being the abundance and variety of excellent fly fishing waters for wild, Brown and Rainbow trout.

Beginning in the ‘High Country,’ these clear spring creeks, streams and rivers flow through contrasting scenery and terrain ranging from snow-capped alps and rugged gorges to wide open grassy valleys.

When these waters combine, they enter a chain of hydro lakes before becoming one of New Zealand’s largest braided river systems – the Waitaki River, which empties into the Pacific Ocean.

The relatively short travelling time between such contrasting waters and scenery is an advantage should weather patterns or conditions necessitate a change of location.

Specializing in fly fishing – dry fly & nymph, for both experienced and novice anglers. Tuition in casting and techniques. Spin fishing options.


EVENING/NIGHT RISE – The evening Caddis hatch and accompanying trout rise on the Waitaki River throughout the season is renowned. Many anglers who were at first hesitant to participate in this type of angling, became ‘hooked’ – in more than one sense of the world.

SALMON (CHINOOK/KING) – Entering the Waitaki River as early as November, the recognized ‘run’ is from January to the end of April. Optimum period is considered to be during February and March, coinciding with the peak of our New Zealand summer.

SEA RUN BROWN TROUT – Entering the esturine areas of the Waitaki River in good numbers, generally during the months of November through February. Average sizes range from 31b to 8lb but it is not uncommon for sea Run to be landed in the 101b – 14lb range.

Main season – October through April


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