Zambelozi Island Lodge

Zambelozi Island Lodge

Zambelozi Island Lodge

Offering five-star accommodation, this private island retreat on the mighty Zambezi River is something special.

Guests will relish the tranquility and exclusivity to be found at this unique lodge, where feelings of spaciousness and comfort abound. Chalets are well appointed and secluded, and the many communal spaces within this lush island setting have been created with your relaxation in mind. At Zambelozi, service is of paramount importance.

In addition to the activities on offer, such as excellent birding and tiger fishing, this privately owned lodge will cater to your every need and ensure an unforgettable stay.

3 comments to Zambelozi Island Lodge

  • hi there

    just to say that i was involved in zambelozi in its humble begining . i was the 1st to sleep on the island and built the first few units .i was involved for 9 months and still long and miss that beautiful river daily this was in 1996 with greg metzler and tony scott
    if you ever need any assistance pls let me know .in am now in cornwall uk and missing sa and africa
    kind regards

  • Punit

    Hi Jim,

    I’m planning a visit to Zambia soon and have heard about the Zambelozi Island Lodge.

    Please can you send through any pictures you may have as well as contact details (as I cannot seem get through on the number provided on the net)



  • Punit

    * Jeremy… Woops!

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