Nykala Rapids, Haukivuori

Nykala Rapids, The Koskentila Estate, Haukivuori

Nykala Rapids, The Koskentila Estate, Haukivuori

‘What a wonderful place and a great concept for the serious fisherman, and so many other interesting things to do. We wish we had discovered it (Koskentila) the first day we were in Finland.’

Gary and Monica Wescott – The Turtle Expedition, Unltd. – California, USA

The Nykälä Rapids are a varied resort for fishing in Finland in the Haukivuori region 40 km north-west of Mikkeli.The Nykälä Rapids belong to the system called the Mäntyharju-route and is situated on the upper course of it.

The fishing area is 4 km long with 5 rapids for brown trout and a separate small lake for large pike (record 15,3 kg).Fish include large brown trout, grayling, pike, perch, ide and bream. The main catch is the brown trout (Salmo trutta). During last season 1085 brown trout were caught by 1120 fishermen. The Nykälä Rapids are number one in Finland for brown trout.

The lower part of the river (2 km) with its four rapids is dedicated to fly-fishing and spin-fishing.

Fishing from the boat is possible in the upper part of the river (2 km) or in a small lake ‘Pieni-Poikimo’ (6 hectares).

The upper part of the river is excellent for exciting torch fishing at nights. Along the fishing area there are bridges, jetties, campfires, a lean-to-shelter, an outhouse. In the courtyard of the estate there is a smoke oven/grill.

Fishing trips are organized to lake Kyyvesi (133 km², 400 islands), well-known for its big pike and pike-perch.

The fishing season continues until the waters freeze at the beginning of December and fishing brown trout is allowed even during 11 September – 15 November

The Koskentila Estate is the center of the fishing area. It is an over 400-year-old traditional Finnish farm now renovated and dedicated to serious fishermen. The Koskentila Estate consists of ten different 130-year-old buildings and the surrounding land and has true historical and scenic value. In the main building there is a café, a kiosk and a reception where you can buy fishing permits and hire a boat or fishing equipment.

The livingroom for the guests is a huge log room with a massive original oven and open fire.

In the reception room there is also a library with books and magazines about fishing and catch statistics.

Accommodation is in the small traditional log cabins around the main building. They have only modest conveniences; heating and lightning with electricity, a fridge and a drying cupboard for wet clothes. Each cabin is furnished with six beds. Total 38 beds. Overnighting is also possible in the lean-to-shelter, a tent or a caravan.

Sauna with an open fire in the dressing room, showers and toilets and kitchen are in separate building.


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