Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker, Soldotna, Alaska

The contents of this page have been temporarily removed due to what we believe are fraudulent and perjurious allegations of copyright infringement made by James Frazer-Mann, MD of Red Lion Design, a Search Engine Optimization company claiming to represent, the Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker website to which this page originally linked.

False accusations like this are common these days as this article by internet Business Lawyer, Mike Young explains:

According to Google, more than half of the complaints it receives involve businesses targeting competition. Here’s the key stat: 37% of the claims were bogus. In other words, just because someone claims you’re violating the DMCA doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually are. So there’s no need to panic if you receive a complaint.

Unfortunately for us there is need to panic! Despite having provided Mr Frazer-Mann with evidence to prove his allegations are false, he still refuses to retract them, which means that, to avoid the possibility that Angling Atlas might be be taken down as a result of Mr Frazer-Mann’s allegations, we have no  alternative but to temporarily remove the content in question until the dispute is properly resolved.

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