Fort Smith, Montana

Fort Smith, Montana

Fort Smith, Montana

Fort Smith, Montana
Fort Smith is a small quiet town, a former cavalry outpost, nestled in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains, Montana. It is a favorite destination for many anglers throughout the country.

If you’re planning a trip to fish the Bighorn River , the nearest commercial airport to Fort Smith Montana is in Billings which is approximately 55 miles west of Hardin, 1.5 hours drive. Hardin is 45 minutes drive away from Fort Smith. Fort Smith will welcome you with its array of quality restaurants, accommodations, shops, and service readily available along the Bighorn River.

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Fly Fishing in Fort Smith, Montana
Montana can be hailed as the state of fly fishing legend. Anglers from all over the globe trek to Montana to experience these trophy trout rivers and pristine mountain lakes.

With populations of trout around 7000 fish per mile, sized well over fourteen inches on this river, Bighorn deserves its reputation as a world-class trout stream.

The Bighorn River
Located in South-central Montana is the epicenter for Western fly fishing adventures. Fort Smith Montana is the first place you should plan to visit on a fly fishing trip since the most productive section of river starts at the Afterbay Dam in Fort Smith and runs approximately 46 miles to the town of Hardin.

From the dam in Fort Smith, anglers can float fish down to the access points along the river like the Three Mile, Bighorn, Mallards Landing, and Two Leggins of which the most popular stretch is from afterbay to the Bighorn access.

The Bighorn rivers water is cold throughout the season with the help of the tailwater dam just above Fort Smith. Dry fly fishing opportunities on the Bighorn is ideal especially on overcast days, mornings, or late afternoons and evenings.

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