Fishing the Fly at Last!

Fishing the Lug Pool, Upper & Lower Kilmurry

With such a beautiful balmy evening this evening, four of us decided venture out to the river about 6.00pm this evening.

We opted to go to Upper & Lower Kilmurry, the best of the Lodge’s seven beats below Careysville with the gauge height having dropped to 0.80m.

Glenda & I headed for Lower, and the picture above is her at the Lug Pool at 7.15pm.

She was able to wade & fly-fish the whole way down the pool even at this height.

Island Stream, Upper & Lower Kilmurr

I headed down below to the Island Stream. This was about 10cm too high to be able to wade, though could be fished from the (rather high) bank with a shooting head. The picture above was taken looking downstream at the Island Stream at 7.45pm

We didn’t see or touch any fish on Lower Kilmurry, but when we went back up to Upper Kilmurry, the other two had seen three large fresh fish moving through the Sand Gap & the Hut Pool and Daniel (a student on work experience at the Lodge from the Swedish Sport Fishing Academy) had briefly hooked one of them just after it showed.

The clarity is about 5 feet & the level is falling steadily, so the prospects for the coming week look good.

For the latest information, see our daily updated Fishing Report page.

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