Flood moves fish from tidal water!

Water levels and rainfall at Ballyduff, May/June 2010

This is the water level situation at Ballyduff in the last few days. The small flood on Tuesday put the river out of order for a couple of days as it became very coloured. By Friday it was improving and 3 fish were lost on the Lodge beats.

On Saturday June 12), four fish were caught – 3 on spinner & one on fly. The best (~12lb) was caught & released by Ray Burns on Upper Kilmurry on spinner.

On Sunday, June 13, there were 3 grilse taken on the fly.  Clarity is now a good 3 feet.

Seven fish in total for 14 rod days in the last two days.

There has been a significant increase in the number of fish moving through the lower beats since the flood. I’m also hearing about some grilse & salmon being caught up in the Mallow area.

For the latest info: Fishing report page http://www.ireland-salmon-fishing.net/FishingReport/fishingreport.htm

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