Best Day of the Season so far!

Taken on fly on the Island Stream on Beat 6 - Lower Kilmurry.

Best Day of the Season so far – plus Best Catch from One Beat in One Day!

The river dropped to a lovely height on July 13.

In the morning it was 0.23 & fell to 0.20m by nightfall.  Clarity 2-2½ feet.

There was an excellent run of fish coming through the entire system right though to the top beats.

A total of 20 fish were caught for 11 rod days for the day.

Beat 3   (1 mile up from the Lodge):    4 caught. 1 on fly.  Best 9.7 & 11lb.

Beat 7   (5 miles up from the Lodge):    4 caught. All on fly. Best 6.5lb.

Beat 8   (15 miles up from the Lodge):    1 caught.  4lb.

Beat 9   (20 miles up from the Lodge):    8 caught. 6 on fly & all released. Best 6lb.

Beat 16 (26 miles up from the Lodge):  3 caught. 1 on fly. Best 6lb.

Two rods caught eight fish today at Bridgetown Abbey.

– mostly grilse around the 3lb. mark.

Six were caught on fly; two on spinner.

All eight fish were released alive.

Mick Kennedy caught 5 (best ~6lb.); Billy Jewitt caught three.

Seven of the fish were caught in a 2 hour “moment of madness”.

Prospects looking very good with fresh fish being taken right through to the top of the fishery.

Still more rain coming in the next 2 days which should top up the height.

For all the very latest information please see the Blackwater Lodge Fishing Report page

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