The Best Ever July Catch

The Best Ever July Catch in terms of Fish Caught per Rod Day

Mossy McElligott & Tim Quinlivan catch the two Best Fish of the Season on Beat 3 – Ballinaroone

Mossy McElligott & Tim Quinlivan catch the two Best Fish of the Season on Beat 3 – Ballinaroone

On Sunday, July 25th., Mossy McElligott (Tralee) caught the Best Fish of the Season with a 12.4lb on fly on Ballinaroone & his fishing partner Tim Quinlivan also had two on fly of 11.9 & 9.1lb.  Tim’s largest was also the second heaviest weighed fish this year.

The month of July produced 169 salmon for a total of only 183 rod days.This is the sixth best total for the month since I took over the Lodge at the beginning of 1986. It is the best catch for the month since the year 2000, when 263 were caught for 750 rod days. It also includes the two Best Fish of the Season which were both caught on fly on the same day on Beat 3 – Ballinaroone by Mossy McElligott (12.4lb) & Tim Quinlivan (11.9lb).There have also been at least four very large fish lost in the second half of the month.

The table below shows the figures for the six best months of July.

Only the all-time record year of 1992  (when 1511  fish were taken) has a comparable catch per rod day!

Total catch for the season to date is 219.

Take me home, Mum!  Our seven year old son Ian heads away
after an afternoon on the river with his famous mum Glenda on July 18!

Current Situation

The river is still fining off slowly from the small floods on July 19 & 23.
It is now @ 0.18m on the gauge with ~5 feet clarity.
Once again there is a huge buildup of fresh fish in the tidal reaches & a good number are running into the main river.
Some of the lower beat – in particular Kents & Lower Kilmurry – are hold a good head of fish.


With predominantly dry weather for the coming week, the river remain at summer level.
There are plenty of fish running – both hefty grilse & larger summer salmon.

For all the very latest information please see the Blackwater Lodge Fishing Report page.

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