The First Spring Salmon is Landed on February 3rd!

Derek O’Keeffe, from Thomastown, Kilkenny came to the Lodge for a casting lesson

with Glenda on Thursday afternoon.

After the lesson, Glenda invited him to fish on for the rest of the afternoon on Upper Kilmurry.

He hooked and landed a lovely fresh fish of about 8lb. on a fly he tied himself.

It was a colour variation of the PoshTosh as seen in “Trout and Salmon”, February 2010.

The fish was hooked at the head of the Hut Pool on Upper Kilmurry and took about 15 mins

to land, having jumped half a dozen times.

Derek – a firm believer in catch and release – carefully returned the fish alive.

Not wanting to harm the fish in any way, it was quickly released without even taking a photo

as he was fishing on his own – the only rod out on the fishery in fact today.

Current Situation

This was the river below the Lodge the day the fish was caught – 3rd. February.

This is the gauge height on the upper & lower river for the last five days.


On the 3rd., the river was at a perfect height and clarity for the fly.
On the 4th., the lower river was up approximately half a metre but peaked late evening.
There was very little fishing effort and  gales, but a couple of fresh silver fish were seen jumping amongst the kelts.
Certainly spinnable for the 5th. Fly is doubtful.

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