Okanagan Lake Fishing, Kelowna BC

Okanagan Lake Fishing 22.7 oz Rainbow, Kelowna  BC

A 22.7oz Rainbow Trout caught in Okanagan LakeBC

This Rainbow was taken at the end of June near the little Island across from Peachland.

Trolling at 2.5 MPH just the top of the water where the big Rainbows cruise looking for bait fish. The reel in the rod holder just sings as it is pulled by the power of a big fish. Rod has to be held up at 12 o’clock so the rod can take the shock of the big rainbow trying to shake the lure. When he jumps with the Lure in its mouth it jumps swinging its head back and forth trying to shake of the lure. The only time you drop your rod towards the water is when it’s jump ends and makes a loop heading back towards the water. The weight of the rainbow will snap your line if it is a big fish, that is why you only drop your rod when he jumps but otherwise the rod has to be up at 12 o’clock to take the shock of the heavy rainbow stretching the line and breaking it off.

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