River Conditions Perfect in the Run-up to Easter Weekend

We are having a period of dry weather now which is due continue until well into next week.

Following the big flood on the 22nd., the river is now fining off very well

and will only improve further in the coming days.

The Ballyduff gauge is on 0.70m at 5.00pm today.

Beats on the upper river are now in fly order, and some of the lower beats

should be fly-fishable by tomorrow & all of them should be in fly order by the weekend.

Temperatures are cold with the air struggling to get to 5C during the day & is about 0 to +2C at night.

The water on the lower river is just over 7C & on the upper river it is only about 4.5C

We have high (3.9m) tides for the next couple of days, so hopefully this

– combined with the flood fining off – will encourage more fish to move in.

Prospects are looking very good for the Easter weekend.

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